The capacity and performance of our road networks directly impact our economic growth, our welfare, and our quality of life.

New road projects seek to improve safety, reduce congestion or reduce travel times. They may open up access to new regions, or improve the connectivity of already-developed urban regions.

World-leading Engineering

Robert Bird Group’s world-leading engineering and construction expertise enables us to collaborate closely with our clients and industry partners.  We identify risks, innovate in order to find creative solutions, and deliver optimal outcomes for these complex projects. Safety, innovation, sustainability, value and quality are the core principles of our designs and solutions.

RBG Services

Robert Bird Group offers civil, structural, digital and construction engineering services across all stages of modern road projects, from great to small – from specifying localised pavement or drainage repairs, through to geometric design and construction methodologies for bridges for new alignments.  We have extensive technical design and construction experience which we leverage to aid planning, and de-risk delivery.

We have delivered road projects in both complex urban environments, and isolated rural regions.  Our unique philosophy – to critically integrate the construction methodology into the design from concept phase – de-risks projects and offers programme improvements that benefit all stakeholders.

Vertical Separation

The vertical separation of major road networks from other forms of transport and the public ground plane – either via underground tunnels, or elevated roadways – is also resulting in a need for smart engineering solutions to road projects more than ever before.

Delivery of these projects in urban environments also required engineers to consider construction methodology in the design, to minimise disruption to the public, ensure the safety of nearby assets, and efficiently spend taxpayer and private sector funds.