The world’s ports and shipping lines are the backbone of our logistics networks and global trade, and yet our ports face challenges from ageing infrastructure, climate change, competition, and urban development.

Ports and marine projects can be complex – balancing maintenance of operational capacity with delivery of cost-effective solutions.

Innovative Solutions

At Robert Bird Group, we have experience in public and private marine facilities – from major sea and inland ports, to ferry terminals and private marinas. We provide innovative solutions for marine infrastructure and we can support all stages of projects: from planning, design and construction to operation and maintenance.

RBG Services

Our services in this sector include:

  • Port and wharf design, including floating wharf systems with flexible bridge connections
  • Cruise terminal and ferry terminal design
  • Specialist pile design in marine environments
  • Structures with extended design life
  • Structures designed for significant collision impact forces
  • Crane supports in marine environments
  • Bridge design
  • Modular systems
  • Condition inspections and reporting
  • Advice on corrosion protection and maintenance of marine structures