Urban Master Planning & Land Development

As our populations grow, the ability to successfully redevelop disused urban land into revitalised residential, commercial, retail and public facilities is vital to maintaining resilient and liveable cities.

Strategically planning urban renewal projects – and incorporating transport and energy infrastructure into these re-imagined precincts – is fundamental to the success of our cities and our society.

Leverage Our Experience

At Robert Bird Group, we leverage our experience in property, utilities, transport infrastructure, and critically the construction process, to deliver highly effective, risk-managed, and deliverable urban renewal projects.  We have global experience delivering these master plans for both government land development agencies, as well as private developers.

Globally, over 50% of the population lives in urban areas today. World Bank projections have us adding 2 billion more urban residents by 2045. The speed and scale of this growth will challenge us to meet housing, infrastructure, and social needs. At Robert Bird Group we work with private and public stakeholders to engineer communities for the future.

Urban Master Planning & Land Development

Urban Sites

These projects can have many complex challenges that Robert Bird Group is an expert in solving:

  • Staged construction of deep basements, especially in tidal or near-coastal environments
  • Transport Oriented Developments (TOD’s) – where developments incorporate numerous buildings, with multiple forms of transport infrastructure such as road, rail, light rail, or bus systems
  • Multiple-stage developments with complex construction logistics challenges (difficult access, in-ground obstructions, sloping sites, contaminated sites, etc)
  • Multi-stage precincts that require significant trunk infrastructure upgrades
  • Developments that include significant existing or heritage structures to be retained

Our Experience

Our master-planning solutions have contributed greatly to the success of globally significant urban renewal projects, including:

Land Development

As our cities and communities expand, there is a growing need for new subdivisions or rural land development. At Robert Bird Group, our civil engineering team are experienced in the delivery of greenfield land development projects for residential, commercial, or industrial land uses.  We can provide end-to-end engineering services from feasibility and master-planning stages, through to construction and commissioning.

Our recent landmark projects in land development include:

  • Little Bay Cove, Sydney (Australia)
  • Wilston Residential, Wilston (Australia)

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