Around the world industrial warehouses, processing and distribution facilities are pragmatically designed structures.

They are fundamental for the day-to-day functionality and sustenance of communities across the world. These purpose-built structures enable the manufacturing, storage and distribution of essential goods and services including food and drink, clothing, hardware, vehicles, and plant and equipment.

Other Uses

They are also utilised as holding facilities for flora, fauna, minerals and resources. Mining companies, retail businesses and government (defense) agencies all require industrial-type structures for the handling of their goods and services.

RBG Experience

Robert Bird Group’s experience in this diverse sector includes:

  • Design of modular & easy-to-  construct systems
  • Warehousing/factories with long spans
  • Galvanizing plants
  • High bay warehouses
  • Distribution centres/maintenance facilities
  • Animal holding facilities
  • Reviews and rectification of existing facilities
  • Redevelopment of industrial warehousing to residential

Key Projects

Key projects that Robert Bird Group has designed through to delivery include:

  • Aldi Distribution Centres Australia
  • Industrial Galvanisers Plant Phillippines
  • Royal Melbourne Showgrounds Australia
  • Quintrex Boat Factory Australia
  • Big W Distribution Centre Australia
  • Coca Cola Amatil High Bay Warehouse Australia

Super Flat Floor Design

Flat and Super Flat Floor design is essential to cater to robotic and other specialist materials handling equipment-to avoid interruptions, rack impact and damage to the slabs. Using reinforced or post tensioned concrete floors with minimal joints also minimizes future floor maintenance. Joint detailing also requires specialist knowledge and proven techniques that RBG has developed.

Long Spans

Long Spans are often required for industrial structures including spans up to 100 metres, which have no truss system to ensure maximum roof economy. With truss systems these spans can reach significantly greater than 100 metres. Robert Bird Group provides specialist long span expertise that ensures ease of construction, durability and with future adaptability in mind.

Climate Control / Cool Rooms

Climate control is essential for storage of many products housed in warehouse and distribution centres including food, drink and pharmaceuticals. Robert Bird Group has specialist knowledge in cool room detailing and in particular the design of floor and wall details, sub-floor heating, and condensation management for temperature-controlled environments. In some instances, there will be the requirement for thermally isolated rooms/cool rooms within a larger temperature-controlled facility. Our knowledge of the design of loading docks for specific goods also includes those that require refrigerated transport; the ease of loading is essential, resulting in minimum time handling such products.

Corrosive Environments

Corrosive environments can be caused within structures such as galvanizing plants and facilities for mined products, but can also be caused by the location of the structure, such as near marinas, oil refineries and coal-fired power plants. For example, galvanizing plants can cause significant corrosive, acidic and abrasive internal environments that could require measures such as concrete encased columns and special paint treatments (corrosion protection of steelwork is required on all structures and is provided by specialist paint manufacturers).