Hotels take many forms, from newly constructed individual buildings to boutique or heritage conversions.

They may be combined with other uses in a mixed-use development, perhaps vertically stacked within a single building, or associated with a major transportation hub. They typically incorporate conferencing facilities such as at Arora Sofitel Hotel, T5 LHR which houses one of London’s largest conference facilities within its three level basement – the hotel superstructure bridges above.

City Rejuvenation

The conversion of outstanding heritage buildings into hotels is another way that cities rejuvenate their distinctive and iconic civic buildings. Examples include the restoration and conversion of the heritage-listed Treasury Hotelbuilding in Perth, Australia, and the creation of the Wellesley Boutique Hotelbehind a listed façade in Knightsbridge, London. The Establishment Hotel, Sydney features the adaptive reuse of the original timber, masonry arch floors and cast-iron structure of the original building and links to a new hotel block. These types of conversion presents unique challenges and draw on the heritage expertise of the Group.


Resorts can encompass many leisure facilities and styles of accommodation, and sometimes occupy sites with challenging construction logistics. One such resort is Ephraim Island on the Gold Coast – a self-contained resort village and marina with multiple recreational uses where the connecting causeway was constructed first to serve as construction access for the phased development.

The 1200-bed Caprice Gold Spa Hotel, Istanbul contains all the features of a city resort with multiple pools, sauna and gymnasia, restaurant, conference and prayer facilities, many of which are to be housed within a 9-level basement, itself a major engineering undertaking within this highly seismic region.

Venice West Golf Resort, Kuala Lumpur provides 1900 units within multiple buildings with golf course and associated entertainment, retail and aquatic facilities. The development features self-supporting sewerage and water storage infrastructure.

Modular Construction

Many Hotels are modular by their nature and therefore lend themselves to modern methods of construction. Robert Bird Group is a leading exponent of modular construction and has engineered buildings using lightweight volumetric construction (UB System), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and pre-cast concrete panelized system such as for the Arora Sofitel Hotel, T5 LHR. We envisage this approach to hotel and residential construction becoming commonplace in the future.

Robert Bird Group provides a full range of structural, civil and construction engineering services from site evaluations and concept design through to detailed production information and construction methodology. For UK projects we also provide geotechnical engineering services.