Safe and reliable rail services are vital for connecting our communities and industries.

As our cities grow out and up, integrated multi-modal transport solutions are required to meet these growing demands. Rail networks provide efficient mass-transit for commuters and freight, and provide hubs for our communities to thrive.

World-leading Engineering

Robert Bird Group’s world-leading engineering and construction expertise enables us to collaborate closely with our clients and industry partners.  We identify risks, innovate in order to find creative solutions, and deliver optimal outcomes for these complex projects. Safety, innovation, sustainability, value & quality are the core principles of our designs and solutions.

Global Renaissance of Rail

Robert Bird Group is excited to support the global renaissance of rail, be it local light rail; global city metro networks; regional freight lines servicing the resource sector; or high speed inter-continental systems.

Robert Bird Group provides structural, civil, geotechnical (UK), digital and construction engineering services to the rail sector. Our unique approach in the industry – integrating construction methodologies and erection sequences into the design from the concept phase – de-risks projects for our clients, and results in time, cost and quality improvements in the finished product.

Advanced Engineering & Construction Expertise

We apply our advanced engineering and construction expertise into the planning and delivery of engineering solutions for rail networks, which are generally complex and risky environments. Our approach to coordinating design solutions with all construction risks and constraints leads our clients to recognise that our solutions are safer, more buildable, and able to be delivered to cost and programme expectations.