Cultural venues including museums, galleries, expo and event spaces and larger entertainment facilities are the creative centres for all cities and communities, bringing people together to share information and enjoyment.

These venues require innovative and creative designs that fulfil the requirements of the venues such as exhibitions of contemporary art, concerts requiring seating for thousands of people, and adaptable demountable spaces for businesses to demonstrate new products and services.

Innovative Structural and Civil Design Solutions

Robert Bird Group works with clients and architects from the beginning to assist in the development and successful delivery of their vision, regardless of the scale, ranging from intimate theatre spaces to larger museums to very large long -span concert venues.

RBG Services

Robert Bird Group provides specialist engineering services including Structural and Civil Design (Geotech UK) and Construction Engineering for the design and delivery of these venues including:

  •  New facilities – all scales
  • Redevelopment of existing facilities
  • Additions
  • Adaptable/flexible spaces
  • Temporary /demountable structures
  • Site-wide infrastructure

Future- proofing for           Adaptive Re-use

Our approach to adaptive re-use includes critically assessing future flexibility requirements, and incorporating, at low or no cost, the ability to install additional services, increase floor loadings, and horizontally or vertically expand structures. We are also experts in design for extended structural design life of up to 100 years.

Floor Vibration

Research buildings and educational buildings with specialist equipment often need to meet highly stringent floor vibration criteria, including response factors (Rf) as low as 0.25 for equipment such as mass spectroscopy. Floor vibration control is a specialist skill held by Robert Bird Group. Using in-house developed technology, we are able to inform clients about vibration performance to a very high level of accuracy, and work with clients and contractors to develop high-performing structures that meet tight budget and programme parameters.

Long Span

Assembly halls, auditoriums and lecture theatres commonly demand column-free space, requiring structures to span anything from 10 metres to over 50 metres. We are experts in the efficient delivery of structural solutions to span long distances to create functional and affordable high-quality learning space.